VJ - Video DJ

You want to be original. VJ is a guarantee of quality and choice for your ceremony. Your event can be remembered. VJ you can return to your youth. It may be trendy and achieve ambience and atmosphere with music and visual effects what you want to achieve.

What is VJ ???
VJ is an advanced dimension DJ
In short VJ DJ who plays and mixing videos, if there are to a particular song or playing a customized visualization.

Besides the music that you can get expensive, and associated video. Any music that gives another dimension, bringing you back during the current hits.

Lack unlike the DJ is that all the songs, hits have its corresponding video. Therefore, it is necessary for each party separately be prepared, and each improvisation on party-in is limited.

Some wishes are at the event possible and achievable, but not nearly as with a DJ for each party, event, etc. is required (at least a week) arrangement you want, and what not, so to your enjoyment of your money is maximized. With quality VJ, your every event, party, wedding, birthday, graduation or similar events may be original. You're guaranteed a musical - visual entertainment, and you and all guests will be 100% be remembered.

  • • Many years of experience (over 10g)
  • • Processed hundreds of events and weddings throughout the Croatian and abroad
  • • Cooperation with all major companies
  • • Individual approach
  • • Music and atmosphere of what you really want
  • • Management Protocol
  • • Own proclamation
  • • Own video production
  • • Lighting
  • • Karaoke
  • • Lighting for the dance floor
  • • Decorative lighting space
  • • Guaranteed fun
  • • ZAMP license
  • • R1 account
  • • Affordable prices
  • • The possibility of paying up to 60 installments

For quality DJ, all music with you will be you
a good time is a good music!