DJ4U is a quality choice for your ceremony. For good DJ, every music that will give you the good timeis good music! DJ with experience, can provide you with more and better. This is a guarantee that you will have a good time, and financial go wel

To begin with, I want to emphasize that if you arrange for the engagement, that if you hire a DJ Alessandro to be 100% and work off the engagement, and not let his replacement. DJ Alessandro adhering to the agreement (or contract) and will not let you down, even if offered a better engagement, disease or the like.

Changing the replacement, it is always worse choice than the agreed ,. As the DJ Alessandro care that there is no 'negative tails'' and since more than 20 years took place in Acts waters exclusively for fairness and quality of your work, you can be 100% sure that yours will not experiment. After all, it gives you such a guarantee is always offered to sign a contract.

If you love to dance, to sing, to have fun, you need someone with experience. And in this case you are in the right place. DJ with experience can provide you with more and better. This is a warranty issues that you will be have a good time, and you'll do well financially.

With high-quality DJ, your every event, party, wedding, birthday, graduation or similar events can be converted into a pleasant company and guaranteed fun. All can be exactly as you want.

All this is possible with a quality DJ. DJ knows unlike BAND to thousands of songs in the original or remix version without first needs to 'learn the song by heart' '. You do not have to wait for the chorus to the song recognized. DJ perfect can cooperate with other entertainers, managers, dancers, etc., etc. Whether the event is large or small, everyone can afford entertainment with DJ entertainment as the main or only as a side. It does not hurt to know that even the prices much lower than the others' musicians' 'per hour.

  • • Many years of experience (over 20y)
  • • The agreed-upon engagements, not sent under the pretext of replacing
  • • Processed hundreds of events and weddings throughout the Croatian and abroad
  • • Cooperation with all major companies
  • • Individual approach
  • • Music and atmosphere of what you really want
  • • Management Protocol
  • • Own proclamation
  • • Lighting
  • • Karaoke
  • • Own video projection
  • • Lighting for the dance floor
  • • Decorative lighting space
  • • Guaranteed fun
  • • ZAMP license
  • • R1 account
  • • Affordable prices
  • • The possibility of paying up to 60 installments

DJ Alessandro been in this business since the beginning of the '90s. In the beginning he worked at a student parties, birthdays, Freshmen, prom. From the beginnings of clubs were in his '' SKUC-in '' and as the '' SPIDER-in ''. To date, has done hundreds of events, receptions, anniversaries, promotions, weddings, birthday parties, or student and graduation parties. In this way it is around most of Zagreb's clubs, pubs, hotels, restaurants and other similar spaces where they held similar events around the Croatian and beyond. In addition to participating in these programs were successful and a good part of the organized.

DJ Alessandro plays all music styles and you can fulfill all musical preferences. His years of experience and unlimited library, guaranteeing you a great fun. From calmer and quieter music (for atmosphere .. .. New Age, acid jazz, chil outt and other ambient sounds and various instrumentals, ballads and evergreen-and, national and international), to the singing of music lying ( domestic and foreign hits) all the way to faster rhythms with which can dance and older and slightly younger (studio54, rock, rock and roll, soul, swing, a funk and funky-I, hous- and, dance, a Latino, r & b, pop, new wave, domestic and foreign production). In short, the music coming from the '50s,' 60s, '70s,' 80s until today.
Your every such desire is feasible and can be filled in. There is no prejudice, any music to troops you have fun is good music!
It should also be noted that you can play music and desires, ie. The '' soul ''. If you ask can you play sevdalinke, old hits, gypsy music, tambourine and folk songs as well as other folk hits from our region who wish to play. Everything is a matter of agreement and your choices. He may tell you and focus more, and you decide what you want and what not. There is also the possibility that if the partyma for foreigners where he is unaware of the current local music (not international hits or widely known) You can also suggest a play-list or it can make your CD.

Because '' not a slave '' exclusively to their own taste, you are guaranteed top quality entertainment, is the kind that you just want to. It is above all important that you have fun and dance her and this is achieved in combination with years of experience and / or adjusting the villages wishes. It has complete equipment of DJ equipment, PA system for small, medium and very large events, to lighting.

For quality DJ, all music with you will be you
a good time is a good music!