Lighting for wedding

If you need decorative lighting and effects, is it lighting for weddings, events, parties, no matter what budget you have, we can agree a free offer. It is not the same whether it's for your wedding or event atmosphere is cozy and warm or cold and sterile

We can in a number of examples to show that with our experience and technique of each space can come alive. Each room can be glamorous with little expenditure.
If you need to make your wedding achieve pleasant and warm atmosphere, we can offer decorative lighting with that every wedding, regardless of the location can become glamorous.

We offer you:

  • • Painting room
  • • Effect on the dance floor
  • • Paint youthful tables
  • • Gobo- inscription of your choice
  • • Bubbles
  • • Smoke & fog effects
  • • Plasma TVs
  • • Projector & video
  • • disco ball
  • • laser show
  • • DeeJay
  • • proclamation

Prices vary (from 1,000 kn to 4,000 kn) depending on the size of the space and the amount of the techniques of the type of your wishes.
From 1000 to 1500 kn (mini packages) can do a lot to you and your guests feel more comfortable that your photographer making things and in the end and you get a better picture, video.

For quality DJ, all music with you will be you
a good time is a good music!

Decorative lighting for wedding